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Testimonials from our Clients

Rode through picturesque valleys with the view of mountain peaks covered in snow I won’t forget any time soon.
Caleb safely guided us and succeed in tracking down a grand old Billy for me.
A trip that challenged all my senses and has given memories which will stay with me forever. Especially one exciting experience with wolves stands clear to me! Thanks Caleb. You made my dream come through.

Allan Madsen, Denmark.

Thyge, I wish to thank you and your talented crew for handling things so professionally. It is a true pleasure coming to a place where things are in order and where the guides are welcoming and smiling persons who are willing to do anything to give you a fantastic experience.

Riding into remote areas and hunting in the mountains on horseback has been an incredible adventure for me. What a rush suddenly being within such a short distance of that large Moose. Once again, thank you. I am very proud of my moose and I am happy that I had the pleasure of bagging my first monster Moose. I will be back.

Best regards,
Kristian, Denmark

During the end of the summer 2013 I hunted mountain goat with RMGO. Got my 81/2" Billie. The combination of horses and hunting is ideal. The experience of the wilderness and its tranquility on horseback is something which is exceptional. Awesome Mountains and awesome goats. See you in 2015

Thomas, Germany

Caleb and Thyge guided me to an outstanding Billy goat and suddenly, when rewarded with such a fine animal, all effort and extortion from the demanding trek through the beautiful mountains seems to be forgotten. I had a fantastic experience and I will surely be back again.

Sigrid Gram, Denmark

Caleb, my hunting guide had an exceptionally pleasant personality. His professional attitude as well as being an out most competent guide ensured that I brought down my first moose with a bow in the surrounding of such fantastic landscape. I will be back. Best regards.

Lars, Denmark

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